About Wild LP

The Wild Conservation Investment Limited Partnership (Wild LP) is a British Columbia-registered limited partnership that owns, operates and invests in hunting and fishing properties in British Columbia and Alberta. The properties include big game guide territories, non-resident wildlife allocations, and recreational properties.

The Wild LP Class ‘A’ Unit Holders own an equity position in premier guide outfitting operations in BC and Alberta, can recover their capital investment through the redemption of Service Credits from Wild LP properties, and share in the income and growth. The Wild LP Units investment is only available to
Accredited Investors as defined in SEC Reg D, Rule 501 (a) and 506 (c). Minimum investment is $25,000 CDN per Class ‘A’ unit. Class ‘A’ Unit Holders are entitled to redeem $5,000 CDN per unit annually in Service Credits, to a maximum of 50% of the hunt or service cost. Unit holders can redeem up to
two years of Service Credits at a time. The Service Credits allow Class ‘A’ Unit Holders to recover all of their capital investment over 5 years, while enjoying hunting and fishing adventures with friends and family. Service Credits can also be donated to clubs or foundations.

While the Wild LP offers an attractive investment opportunity, it also financially supports the outfitting operations that guided hunters rely on. By investing in the outfitting industry, the Wild LP provides an opportunity for the hunting community to deploy its financial resources preserving and protecting your freedom to hunt.

Protection of the outfitting industry also supports the conservation and stewardship of wildlife and nature. The role of the hunter-conservationist is well understood in the hunting community. Outfitters and hunters are a powerful partnership to defend and protect wildlife and wildlife habitat. Loss of this key partnership would be a terrible loss for wildlife. The Wild LP allows investors to strengthen the partnership and the long-term future of wildlife.

The Wild LP was founded by veteran guide outfitter Darren DeLuca of Vancouver Island. Engaged in the outfitting industry for over 30 years, Darren manages the partnership and outfitting operations. Darren is also a licenced Realtor, offering expertise in evaluating the real estate interests of the Wild LP.

For more information, qualified investors are welcome to contact:
Darren DeLuca
President / CEO
Tel: 250-724-1533
Em: ddeluca@huntwild.com