Monster Mulies? Destination: Alberta

There’s nothing like a massive rack atop a mule deer buck to get the heart racing. And there is no where better to pursue trophy mule deer than the great plains of southern Alberta.

Rifle hunts are during the November rut from Wednesday to Saturday. Mature mule deer bucks are on the prowl for hot does and travel great distances to find them. Hunting is by glassing and hiking coulees and stubble fields from 4×4 trucks. 

Bucks score 165 to 185 with the chance to bag a 190+ buck.

Two Types of Mule Deer

Once you have done this hunt, you will be hungering for next season and a repeat adventure.

We also offer mule deer hunts in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Bucks from the foothills area live in the transition areas of plains to the forested hills. Hunting is by glassing, hiking and ground blinds accessed by 4×4 vehicles.  Bucks from the foothills score 160 to 180 avg with larger bucks available.

Hunters travel to Calgary (YCD) and arrange travel with outfitter to the hunting territory.

Great Plains Mule Deer Hunt

Rate for 1:1 – 4 day all inclusive hunt     $10,500 USD + lic/tax

Rocky Mountain Mule Deer

Rate for 1:1 – 4 day all inclusive hunt     $7,500 USD + lic/tax

Are you Ready? Spaces are Limited, Your Adventure Awaits!